Charging energy: Rethinking time with the smart #1.


With the new stage of evolution in mobility, more than just the built-in technology is changing.

Our established ways of traveling and getting around is being challenged these days and new answers are being found. Traveling today is no longer simply moving from point A to B and back again, the way itself is the journey and the experience that comes along.

smart #1 journey
Traveling with the smart #1: the way itself is the journey.


With the all-new smart #1, smart is shedding light on all aspects of being on the road, including refueling.  

Fueling the all-electric smart #1 requires a change in thinking - for the actual charging process as well as for the effort involved. While this traditionally requires active participation, the driver gains time while charging the smart #1 because no physical presence is required after starting the charging process. Refueling is thereby no longer just about filling the battery of the EV, but about the time gained during the process: in fact, people who have been driving for 30 years spent about three months at the filling station.


smart #1_Launch Edition_Interior_05
Charging your own very personal energy, while charging your smart #1.


Personal refuel on the road in only 30 minutes

Since EV-charging frees up time for personal needs, it can be used not only for recreation but also for learning new things. Since smart offers convenient access to a reliable network for en route and destination charging thanks to the partnership with DCS, learning new things can be easily done on the go.

Charging the smart #1 is not only simple, quick and intuitive but also becomes a time in which one can recharge one's personal batteries – be it by simply taking time for each other, having a power nap, or by actively using this refueling break for a training session.

EV1_ 220817_Listicle-1
The most never done bucket list: 12 suggestions on what to do in 30 min.



With the integration into the smart app, which offers information such as location, available connector type and general availability, charging becomes not only hassle-free but also personally productive.

For a more relaxed pastime, the integrated media system offers a variety of ways to let thoughts flow and drift. Be it with an episode of a favourite series, a quick match of the preferred game or to learn the latest TikTok dance together with the kids - thanks to the different functions of the media system, it can be used in different ways during the break.


smart #1_Launch Edition_Interior_07
smart #1 media system.








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