In Conversation with Aymen Ismail on 'Customer-first Approach' at smart Europe


What does it really mean to put the customers and potential customers first as a company? That’s what we wanted to know from Aymen Ismail, who has been working towards customer satisfaction for 15 years.  

After functioning as a Business Consultant for Customer Journey in the Customer Assistance Center at Mercedes-Benz in Maastricht, his path led him to smart in August 2020. As Head of Customer Engagement Solutions, Aymen ensures the best possible customer experiences across smart Europe. 

On the occasion of world consumers rights day, Aymen shared his ideas, his motivation and the importance of customer satisfaction at smart Europe. 


5 questions for Aymen, whose passion is to develop strategies that create outstanding experiences.

1. What are smart Europe’s values when it comes to customer engagement?  

smart Europe values the importance of being accessible to customers where they are. This means utilizing various channels such as phone, E-Mail, live chat, social media, and instant messaging services to ensure that customers can reach out to us at any time and from any location. 

We also believe in the importance of always being available to customers, providing an answer to their inquiries, and simplifying the entry point for customers to engage with the company. This is achieved through efficient systems and processes, as well as well-trained and knowledgeable customer service representatives. 

In addition, authenticity is highly valued in smart Europe. This means being transparent and genuine in all interactions with customers, building trust and fostering a long-lasting relationship. We are also mindful of providing a positive customer experience and focus on creating remarkable experiences. This is achieved through attention to detail, personalized interactions, and providing solutions that truly meet the customer's needs. 

Finally, smart Europe values success and strives to continuously improve and enhance the customer experience. This is achieved through the implementation of best practices, investing in technology and resources, and continuously gathering and analyzing customer feedback.

CEC in action
Customer Engagement Centre Advisors attending to customer queries 


2. How do you manage to focus on consumer needs? 

Our approach to focusing on consumer needs involves the following strategies: 

  • Listen actively: We ensure that we listen carefully to the feedback, complaints, and suggestions of customers. This enables us to understand their needs and tailor our services to meet their requirements. 
  • Conduct research: We use different methods to collect data about customers, such as surveys, focus groups, and social media monitoring. This helps us to identify trends and patterns that form our decision-making. 
  • Personalize interactions: We strive to create a personalized experience for each customer by addressing them by name, remembering their preferences, and anticipating their needs. 
  • Empower our Customer Engagement Center Advisors: We provide our customer engagement advisors with the training, tools, and resources they need to deliver exceptional customer service. This enables them to act quickly and proactively to resolve issues and exceed customer expectations.  

3. At what point in the customer journey does customer centricity begin for you - and where does it end? 

Customer centricity begins at the very first touchpoint and continues throughout the entire customer journey. It is essential to understand the customer's needs, expectations, and pain points at every stage of the journey to deliver a consistently positive experience. 

4. What role do communication channels play in consumer convenience and which channel do they see as a particularly important touchpoint? 

Communication channels play a critical role in consumer convenience, and customers often prefer different channels for different types of interactions. For example, customers may prefer E-Mail for inquiries or social media for quick responses. It is essential to offer multiple channels and ensure that they are integrated to provide a seamless experience. We at smart Europe decided to be where our customers are, and we are offering Customer Engagement & Contact Services across Phone, E-Mail, chat on our website and our App, Social Media and Instant messaging such as Whatsapp, and in the very near future on Apple Business Chat (iMessage). 

5. For consumers, the "purpose" is increasingly central when making a purchase. How does smart fulfil these expectations? 

In terms of purpose, smart fulfils customer expectations by being transparent about its values, mission, and impact on the environment and society. Customers want to know that their purchases align with their values, and smart can communicate this through its branding, messaging, and product offerings. By prioritizing sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical practices, smart can attract and retain customers who share these values. 


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