Personalise your driving experience with the smart #1


Being on the road is a highly individual experience: How do I feel when driving my car – safe and comfortable? And moreover: Do I get to express my personality with the car I'm driving – and does this car answer my personal needs in everyday life? 

Individualization as a societal mega-trend in recent years also plays a big role in modern mobility. Current studies show a heightened interest in individual mobility: More than 87 % of customers worldwide prefer to travel in their own vehicles[1] – for safety and comfort reasons, but also as a reflection on individual lifestyle choices[2].

Setting up smart #1
The smart #1 driving experience starts with the set-up of the digital cockpit


As drivers’ interest in individual mobility is growing, their focus shifts more and more towards mobility UX: Being able to adapt a car to personal needs is a growing factor when it comes to purchasing choices. A sentiment that exceeds technical elements: According to current studies[3], drivers feel a stronger connection to their cars when understanding and operating within a connected, individually set-up driving ecosystem. This applies to conventional features such as mirror, light and seat settings as well as to digital features such as voice assistants, navigation tools and preferred personal settings. 

Personalities and cars
How personalities and cars intertwine


The smart #1 as a “third place” in everyday life 

smart hears the call for individual solutions: The new smart #1 offers a wide range of adaptable features to meet modern drivers‘ expectations by creating deeply personal driving experiences – transforming the car into a “third place”, a space that’s not only practical, but tightly bound to costumers’ everyday lives. 

A closer look at the key UX features explains the concept in detail: The customized driving experience in the smart #1 starts while using the Hello smart app even before setting foot in the car – and continues when intuitively using the digital cockpit solution created in partnership with ECARX as well as the innovative HERE maps.

Hello smart App
The Hello smart app


So much more than a digital key 

A clever companion for every journey with the smart #1 is the Hello smart app. It delivers important information on the smart #1 at a glance, including the charging status and local data. Moreover, the app offers a variety of individual settings that can easily be managed on the phone, starting with defining personal preferences such as climate control or seat- and steering wheel-heating. Easy, but secure sharing options for the digital car key simplify everyday life: If you want to lend your car to a friend, no problem – all they need is a smart ID and you can share your car key with them (and decide when you want it back!). 

Interior smart #1
The new interior interface of the smart #1


Make your car your own 

The biggest part of every smart #1 driving experience is set up in the digital cockpit. Let’s take a minute to get familiar with all the features that have been developed for the operating system (smart OS) in cooperation with the global mobility tech company ECARX and a design concept set by Mercedes-Benz. 

Firstly, we have cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence) in the form of a fox avatar voice assistant. The fox understands natural language and is only waiting to guide every driver through their journey: No internet is required for functions such as opening windows, starting the AC or seat heating; navigation and POI search require internet connectivity. The starting point here is the “inspiring planet” design concept showing a rotating 3D globe with access to navigation and up to four digital driving modes. Using over-the-air updates, the system is continuously improving the overall experience and safety standards. 

Every smart #1 operates with the best industry hardware configuration with a Qualcomm 8155 chipset and 128GB storage. A full HD centre touchscreen is combined with a digital instrument cluster as well as a head-up display solution in the Brabus, Launch and Premium editions. 

The smart #1 fox avatar voice assistant


Using the digital interface, you can set up individual preferences for your drive with shortcuts for popular functions and additionally connect your phone with the instant bluetooth function. The vast possibilities of the infotainment menu offer orientation and fun. Just ask yourself: Which of the 64 ambient light modes is your favourite? Which global apps do you want to download on your in-car-screens? Do you need a break from driving and want to switch to the digital refresh mode? Every decision you make in your car is just a few clicks away.

5 tips
Five tips on how to adapt the smart #1 to your personal needs


Direction? Wherever you want to go! 

Once you’re all set and comfortable, there’s just one thing left to decide: your destination. This is when HERE comes into play, the leading map data and technology platform. The smart #1 provides connected vehicle services using HERE map data, real-time traffic info, information about nearby charging points and parking information for more than 190 countries and 60 languages. This ensures a consistent driving experience wherever you decide to go. 

The variety of options for individualization available in the new smart #1 makes it easy to identify with the car – which ultimately leads to more fun when driving. 



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