smart #1 – The definition of smart space


One of the crucial arguments for a car is its space and the possibility to make use of it. Since the compact SUV was designed as a pure electric vehicle and the designers had a free hand in designing the next evolution in the vehicle interior, the new smart literally makes smart use of smart space.

Rear view of the smart #1 with an opened trunk door

Size does matter

Even though generations told us that it doesn’t, it does. But it is not about the length, the width, nor the height, but solely about how clever you are in making use of it. The smart #1, therefore, comes with a slidable rear bench that bears the opportunity to maximize the trunk volume to up to 411 litres.

From a short trip to the countryside to a full-grown BBQ party

smart #1 is a veritable partner to go grocery shopping needs no further explanation but neither is no breathtaking argument. With its trunk size and range, it furthermore qualifies for trips to the countryside with the whole family, including e.g. a buggy, changing bag, a portable crib and your luggage while handling an infant carrier car seat on the rear bench.

smart #1_Launch Edition_Exterior_charger_10
Frunk of the smart #1, containing the charging cable

Alternatively, smart #1 enables you to transport everything you need for a full-grown BBQ party for all friends and family, with a barbecue, three crates of soda and several boxes of tasty grillable salads. As summer doesn’t last forever, for the colder months the smart #1 carries everything one needs for a gaming night, or otherwise, just hold the gaming night in the smart #1, space is more than enough! …and the ambient lights and high-quality interior materials make you feel at home like in your living room

Mobile comes from mobility

A car, or vehicles in general, are about extending one’s mobility. Matched with the principles of new work, the smart #1 with its built-in connectivity solutions (4G/WIFI/WIFI Hotspot/Bluetooth) makes a perfect mobile office, enabling you to work from all around the globe from the most beautiful places.


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