The new smart #1: Ordering a car is as easy as buying pizza


Pizza is the all-time classic when it comes to online shopping in the broadest sense. The process is simple to the max and leads to a (mostly) enjoyable experience in the end. Why should ordering a car be any different?

Current data1 show that online car shopping is also becoming increasingly popular: In Germany, the United Kingdom and in France nearly half of car buyers under 30 years old would like to buy their next car online.  At the same time, 14 % consider the financing methods offered to be too complicated and 10 % lack configuration options – in essence: buying a new car should be fun, easy, and not cause any confusion.


smart #1_ Car vs. Pizza
Ordering a smart #1 vs ordering your favorite pizza online.2



The new digital eco-platform of smart ensures just that. The purchase process is intuitively designed so it can be completed in 15 minutes - that's hardly the time it takes to choose and order a pizza. In fact, it won’t be more complicated than ordering food online - potential buyers can order their smart #1 in just a few steps.

The new digital eco-platform of smart ensures a convenient E-commerce platform where buyers do not only find configuration options, but also different payment options – both in an intuitive and easy way. Thus, it offers a seamless omnichannel experience by connecting all touchpoints along the customer lifecycle and further integrating diverse functionalities and partners. 


Top view of the new smart #1.



Few steps towards an individualized smart#1

Instead of a complicated configuration, potential buyers can expect an intuitive shopping experience for a car that exactly matches their individual needs. It ensures maximum convenience through the predefinition of high-quality features providing great value and creating excitement instead of confusion. The ordering process is as simple as any other online shopping activity. With a clear number of options – from model and line to battery, to exterior, interior and payment methods it is as easy as ordering the favorite pizza with a special topping (online) at a good restaurant.



smart #1_design your living room on wheels
You only need a few steps towards your personal smart #1.



Transparent and customized purchase journey

Of course, it's reasonable to say that ordering a pizza online is a different dimension than assembling and buying an entire car online, but smart has a simple though effective solution that responds to individual needs. At any point in the purchase journey, customers can easily interact with smart or its agent's network, as the customer defines the flow and pace of the sales journey across all available touchpoints - digital and IRL. smart therefore has a very reliable, close-knit and experienced distribution network covering sales, after-sales and service.

Aside from being intuitive and responsive to the individual needs of the customer, the omnichannel purchasing process of the smart #1 provides additional advantages for customers. In comparison to multichannel purchasing operations, all channels are navigated from one platform, creating a seamless and consistent online-offline customer journey. This enables smart to control the transaction price, which ensures consistent pricing across all channels. Based on the omnichannel solution smart can operate with significantly lower sales costs compared to traditional indirect sales, which also has an impact on the transaction price for the customer.

If someone is still not sure whether online ordering is the right thing to do and the smart #1 really is the preferred urban companion, customers can simply purchase the fully refundable pre-order voucher. This gives interested buyers the chance to secure a smart #1 and change their mind if they're not completely convinced in the end. This is definitely an offer customers won't find at a pizza delivery service. Plus, the purchase of a pre-order voucher allows potential buyers to place their order even before the official market launch.

 [1]  https://www.accenture.com/_acnmedia/pdf-104/accenture-excerpt-customer-insights.pdf
 [2] payment options may vary and might not all be available from start of sales.




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