smart Automobile Co., Ltd. Board of Directors Announces Key New Appointment: Ms. Mandy Zhang to Serve as the Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and After-Sales of smart Automobile Co., Ltd.

(April 01, 2022, Hangzhou) smart’s Europe and China “dual-home“ business strategy is bringing the global market into focus. With the comprehensive renewal of its brand, products and business model, the premium all-electric automobile and technology brand is working constantly to ensure its high-quality growth in the global market. The continued strengthening of the management team remains a vital part of the brand’s ongoing development.

Today, the board of directors of smart Automobile Co., Ltd. announced a key new appointment: Ms. Mandy Zhang will succeed Mr. Daniel Lescow as Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and After-Sales of smart Automobile Co., Ltd., and will also serve as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of smart Europe GmbH., overseeing smart brand operations in the global market. Meanwhile, Mr. Daniel Lescow will take up a new assignment within Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

Ms. Mandy Zhang, Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and After-Sales of smart Automobile Co., Ltd.

Ms. Mandy Zhang, Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and After-Sales of smart Automobile Co., Ltd.


Ms. Mandy Zhang has been deeply immersed in the premium automobile market for more than 20 years. She has held senior management positions at a number of different international brands, and has accumulated rich experience in the fields of multinational partnerships, corporate strategy, brand operation, sales management, retail business management and training.

The board of directors of smart Automobile Co., Ltd. said: "We are very pleased to welcome Ms. Mandy Zhang to smart for this important management role. Mandy has served the Mercedes-Benz brand for more than 20 years and has been deeply immersed in the development of China's auto industry throughout this time. She has the vision and insight, as well as the excellent leadership needed to manage our international operations. It is worth mentioning that she was directly involved in smart brand's successful entry into the Chinese market. We believe that her valuable experience will help the smart brand continue to expand globally and win the favour of more customers in the market. Both the board of directors and shareholders have full confidence in the future development of the smart.”

Mr. Tong Xiangbei, Global CEO of smart Automobile Co., Ltd. said: "I welcome Ms. Mandy Zhang, someone with both international vision and local experience, to join smart’s core management team. Overall industry development trends are providing a good basis for the development of the smart brand. We are ready to welcome future global customers with our renewed brand, product and business model. With our new product soon to launch, I trust Mandy will greatly assist the smart brand with further implementation of the China-Europe ‘dual-home’ global development strategy and streamlining of smart’s global marketing, sales and after-sales service operations.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Tong Xiangbei expressed his gratitude to Mr. Daniel Lescow for his contribution to smart Automobile Co., Ltd. Over the past few years, Mr. Daniel Lescow has made outstanding contributions to smart, not only by leading the team to successfully completing the comprehensive renewal of the brand, but also by redefining smart’s sales and after-sales business model both in China and in Europe.

With the upcoming World Premiere of the all-new smart #1 and gradual roll-out of the Direct-to-Customer agent-based business model, smart is in a phase of full speed development. Speaking of her new appointment, Ms. Mandy Zhang said, "I am honoured to be part of smart, a brand renowned for its innovative inspiration and pioneering spirit.  I participated in the introduction of smart from Europe to China, witnessing smart become the urban mobility companion to large group of customers across China. Now, I look forward to working with the renewed smart, to bring a unique and premium all-electric urban mobility experience to more customers, and joining hands with our global colleagues to bring the new generation of smart all-electric products from China to the European market and worldwide.