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Ulf Nestler

Vice President of Finance of smart Automobile Co., Ltd.

Ulf Nestler

Mr. Ulf Nestler has been appointed the Vice President of Finance of smart Automobile Co., Ltd. He has accumulated 20 years of financial management and budget control experience in the automotive industry. Prior to joining the smart Automobile, he worked for Mercedes-Benz in Germany, the United States and China, and has contributed to the steady growth of Mercedes-Benz in various markets.

Mr. Ulf Nestler has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Before joining the smart Automobile Co., Ltd., he worked for Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. and Daimler Greater China Ltd. in Beijing for 8 years, and has witnessed his contributions to the robust growth of Mercedes-Benz in the Chinese market.

Mr. Ulf Nestler obtained a degree in Hotel Management from Salzburg Tourism Schools, followed by a degree in Business Administration in 2001, majoring in financial control, accounting and strategic planning. Upon completion of education, he embarked on a career in the automotive industry at Daimler AG headquartered in Stuttgart/Germany. Later he joined the Mercedes-Benz ramp-up team of the MDC Power in Kölleda/Germany, and shortly after in 2005, he was assigned to Mercedes-Benz US International in Tuscaloosa/USA. In 2011, Mr. Ulf Nestler was dispatched to Mercedes-Benz China to facilitate the brand business in the Chinese marketplace. After working at Beijing Benz Automotive, he led the Strategic, Product and Joint Venture Controlling at Daimler Greater China in Beijing.