smart Launches Official APP and Initiates Joint “AI Co-Creation” Strategic Collaboration with Baidu

(September 30, 2021, Hangzhou) Earlier this month, the all new smart Concept #1 celebrated its World Premiere at the IAA Mobility 2021, clearly indicating the evolutionary direction of smart brand, displaying a significantly higher premium and high-tech claim.

smart AI Co-Creation “Project Future Music"

The smart AI Co-Creation – “Project Future Music”


Today, smart joins hands with Baidu to launch the “AI (Artificial Intelligence) Co-Creation“ strategic collaboration, empowering co-creation with future technology. Meanwhile, the smart APP, with integrated multiple online functions, officially launched today. The smart APP will play a key role in building up the brand‘s digital ecosystem and providing a seamless digital experience for customers.

smart & wangsulong

Together with Silence Wang, the “smart future music ambassador“, co-creating the all-new smart brand song


Smarter, More Futuristic Co-Creation

The best way to predict the future is to co-create it. This is another reason why smart is joining hands with Baidu to launch “AI Co-Creation“, employing futuristic technology to produce digital artworks based on the content co-created by a myriad of fans. In the future, smart will continue with various projects covering more art forms to create a digital art collection titled future, anyone?

Alongside online participantion, customers can also visit the offline roadshow events to be held at Shanghai (Raffles City The Bund), Shenzhen (One Avenue) and Beijing (The Place) on 1-4, 14-17, and 28-31 October, respectively.

smart AI Co-Creation “Project Future Music"

smart  "AI co-creation“ offline roadshow events


“Whether it be the best solutions for future urban mobility, or future lifestyle, exploration of the future has always been part of the smart brand“, according to Mr. Daniel Lescow, Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and After Sales of smart Automobile Co., Ltd. “smart and Baidu jointly launched ‘AI Co-creation‘ to create future music together with avant-garde trendsetters. Going forward, smart will continue to cultivate the customer community and gather diversified inspiration to design a smarter future together!”

Daniel loscow

Mr. Daniel Lescow, Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and After Sales of smart Automobile Co., Ltd


smart APP – Seamless Digital Experience

Upholding “Customer Centric, Data Driven” as the core business philosophy, smart is dedicated to providing the best brand experience through leading digital solutions. The smart APP launched today will bring customers a seamless digital experience that integrates mobility, community, lifestyle experience and co-creation in one.

smart APP

Leading digital solutions for the best brand experience


The community atmosphere fostered on the APP enables customers to post novel ideas, record daily inspirations, and join or set up communities of interest to seek out like-minded people. Activities enable customers to turn inspiration into reality through co-creation.

The APP not only acts as a digital key, but also integrates various networked services and vehicle functions. Through the APP, customers can connect with the vehicle and operate functions via mobile phones or smart devices, such as controling the 360° lighting or DIY customization of exclusive lightshow special effects.


The 360° lightshow

smart concept #1

All-new smart concept #1

ui/ux system

“smart universe” intelligent human to vehicle-machine interaction system

With a bright outlook for the future, smart keenly encourages co-creation with customers, embracing opposing views while applying innovative future technologies to build cutting-edge business models, products and services. In November, the all new smart Concept #1 will celebrate its Asia Premiere in China, please stay tuned!


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