smart Unveils Latest Design Highlight of Its All-New All-Electric Concept Car at Shanghai “Trendy Night”

(July 16, 2021, Shanghai) In May this year, smart, the premium all-electric automobile and technology brand revealed the initial design sketches of its all-new all-electric SUV concept car to the world, wowing the public with a bigger, trendier and smarter new look. Now, smart has released additional design details of the all-new concept car at the Trendy Night event organized by the brand in the Mercedes me Bund experience store in Shanghai, showcasing the brand and its products are evolving, underling the premium positioning.

smart trendy night

smart interprets the the premium positioning evolution of brands and products with the trendy night


Beyond Bigger – Evolving to be more premium

In the brand-new image, the panoramic glass roof of the vehicle and its distinctive halo lighting is immediately apparent, producing a floating effect which creates a striking visual impact. The seamless transition of the frameless side windows to the panoramic roof demonstrates the premium feel of the new concept car. The car body and the roof are toned in white and gold; the pure white colour bestows an elegant sense of beauty and technology, while the more personalized gold adds a touch of exclusivity, representing a key element in strengthening the premium tonality of the model. The all-new all-electric SUV concept car is set to celebrate its world premiere at the Munich International Auto Show (IAA) this September.

suv concept car

the initial design sketches of all-new all-electric SUV concept car


Mr. Daniel Lescow, Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing & After-sales of smart Automobile Co., Ltd., said, “smart was born with the DNA of innovation, and has always been a pioneer in future urban mobility, drawing on unlimited inspiration. Now the smart brand is evolving. We are introducing more refined elements into the brand, smart is becoming more premium. With a more high-tech feel, the future smart will represent the uncompromising companion of avant-garde trendsetters for their every journey."

Daniel Lescow

Mr Daniel Lescow - Vice President of Sales, Marketing and After-Sales of smart Automobile Co., Ltd


Co-creating Trends, Making Everything smart

Where many may imagine a clash of ideals, smart is inspiring and imaginative, merging the two seemingly incompatible worlds of auto design and fashion design. At the gathering, Hubert Lee, Chief Design Officer of Mercedes-Benz China and ROARINGWILD brand host PPC discussed their understanding of trends and design. Inspired thinking from different industries demonstrated both the contrast and integration potential of automobile and fashion industry trends.

Daniel Lescow(left)、Hubert Lee(middle)、 PPC(right)

From left: Mr. Daniel Lescow (first from left), Mr. Hubert Lee (second from left), Mr. PPC (third from left)

Share and discuss future trends and design concepts together


In early June, smartidea, the smart brand lifestyle label, together with ZCOOL, the online community for designers in China, launched a fashion design competition open to the public. In less than a month, the competition saw the coming together of more than 600 designers from different fields to submit 520 co-creative designs. After rigorous scoring by a panel of professional judges, combined with the votes of online visitors, a total of 15 winning designers stood out from the crowd. All will have the opportunity to participate in the development of smartidea products in the future, and grow together with the brand.


smart always takes co-creation as the core, To design a smarter future together


The inspirational Trendy Night event not only wonderfully conveyed smart's vision for future urban mobility lifestyle, but also the defining trends of future urban mobility. True to the brand concept of "To design a smarter future together", smart will work with avant-garde trendsetters to create an intelligent, all-electric driving experience full of premium, high-tech, trendy elements, while jointly exploring the infinite possibilities of tomorrow‘s urban life.


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