As the first brand in the industry to fully complete the transition from fuel vehicles to all-electric vehicles, smart has comprehensively renewed its brand, product, and business model, yet retains its original vision of "exploring the best solutions for future urban mobility". In the carbon-neutral era, smart has actively embraced its role as a responsible corporate citizen, promoting sustainable, environmentally and socially conscious development.

Mr. Tong Xiangbei, Global CEO of smart Automobile said: “Sustainability sits at the core of smart’s brand values and business strategy. We have established a systematic sustainability strategy and roadmap to enhance brand influence, and its implementation will help both the environment and society. With decarbonisation its mission, smart is committed to providing carbon neutral electric vehicles to the market by 2045.”

While accelerating its global operations, smart always considers the company’s impact on the environment, society, and governance (ESG), establishing and implementing the new sustainability strategy. The strategy covers five pillars to ensure sustainability is integrated into the entire business operations.

smart has formulated a sustainability strategy focused on 5 key areas

smart has formulated a sustainability strategy focused on 5 key areas


  • Integrity & Transparency: We are committed to conducting business with integrity and transparency.
  • Product & Privacy: We design premier pure electric vehicles to engage people with the sustainable mobility ecosystem and bring safety and privacy protection to our customers.
  • Climate & Carbon: We take decarbonisation commitment seriously. Producing a carbon-neutral vehicle model and providing low carbon solutions is our mission.
  • Circularity & Resources: We embed “life cycle thinking” into our business. We are committed to circular economy and responsible sourcing.
  • Employees & Society: We empower individuals for the common benefits and continue to strengthen engagement with our partners in sustainable development.
smart Sustainability Action Plan

“smart” Sustainability Action Plan


smart has officially launched the “smart” sustainability action plan based on the five pillars of the sustainability strategy. The plan includes a series of innovative short, medium, and long-term initiatives currently under implementation and designed to provide social and environmental benefits. Looking ahead, smart will share its latest progress and explorations along the company’s sustainable development journey, collaborating with partners, customers, and the broader community to design a smarter and more sustainable future together.