How to find the right wallbox

Effortless smart charge@home

Park, jump out, plug in: charging an electric car at home could really not be easier, so it is no surprise that most EV drivers prefer charging at home over charging en route.1 For comfortable, fast and secure home charging, a wallbox is essential. So smart is offering a charge@home wallbox that fits seamlessly into the digital lifestyle of smart #1 and smart #3 drivers2. To ensure the best possible offer, smart has teamed up with an experienced premium provider of battery charging solutions: ABB E-mobility.  

Charging infrastructure is a key factor in driving this mobility wave forward. Together with ABB E-Mobility, we are driving the best possible solutions for home charging and have a partner that shares the same values as smart.

Xuan-Zheng Goh, Head of Product Management smart Europe 

A convenient wallbox offer from smart 

The smart charge@home wallbox is a compact AC wall charging station that comes with cable or a type 2 plug, charging the vehicle with a power of 22 kW from 10 to 80 percent in about three hours3 for a range of up to 440 km4 for smart #1 and 455 km5 for smart #3. smart has made the process of setting up a charger very straightforward for customers, as the wallbox and installation can be ordered directly with the purchase of the smart #1 and smart #3.   

The ecosystem of the smart charge@home wallbox offer includes several features for convenience. The smart wallbox comes with Bluetooth, WiFi and ethernet connectivity. By means of an RFID authentication method as well as the seamless authentication method of Bluetooth Plug & Charge that allows you to simply plug in the vehicle and start charging after an initial one-time setup, a convenient charging process can be guaranteed. In addition, the Hello smart app makes the experience even more hassle-free. Via the app, users can monitor and control the charging process6. The smartphone shows how full the vehicle's battery currently is and what the range is. This also makes it easy to start and interrupt the charging process, which can also be done directly in the digital cockpit. 

The space-saving and contemporary design of the smart charge@home wallbox enables authorized installation partners to install it on a wall or a pedestal. Additionally, it is dustproof and water resistant in harsh weather conditions, enhancing uptime and product lifetime. Both types of smart home charger come with built-in safety features such as overcurrent, ground fault and overvoltage protection and ground monitoring that safeguards both user and car.  

Home charging made easy for everyone 

Of course, charging the EV at home in your own driveway is the most convenient option. But not everyone owns a property.  So, some European countries like Germany specifically support tenants in the setup of their home charging infrastructure. German renters have the declared right to install a wallbox if they have a parking space in or at the building and finance it at their own expense. 

Regardless of the legal requirements for wallboxes in each European country, it is always worth seeking a conversation with your landlord as most real estate owners are interested in keeping their rented property up to date. After all, sustainable, future-oriented equipment such as EV charging stations increase the value and market attractiveness of the property. 

An alternative idea is to rent a parking space in the area and install a wallbox there. Charging your smart #1 or smart #3 at home at a private electricity rate is generally cheaper than at public charging points. Another plus is that wallbox users can be sure whether the electricity they use is sustainable. If a separate tariff for the wallbox connector – one that is decoupled from the usual electricity provider – is worthwhile will depend on the offers available. In the end, it is a matter of comparing offers and choosing the tariff most suitable to each wallbox owner’s individual needs. 

German customers can get their wallbox directly at smart.com.