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Two out of three Europeans plan to spend their holidays with their cars in their own country or in a neighbouring country. But where to go when the good weather calls? smart Europe has collected 6 really exciting travel recommendations for you and your EV.  

1 | Adventure feelings: From Médoc Regional Nature Park to Verdon Nature Park | France 

Europe's answer to the Grand Canyon is in the south of France nearby Marseille: the Verdon River has dug itself deep into the rock massif here over the centuries. The canyon in the Verdon Nature Park is up to 700 meters deep and 20 kilometers long. On the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of France, the Médoc Regional Nature Park is waiting to be discovered. It stretches from the metropolis of Bordeaux to the Pointe de Grave. Between wine-growing and agricultural areas, forest massifs, lakes or even beaches, the park is characterized by an extraordinary variety of landscapes. 

The combination of these two unique adventures creates a one-of-a-kind tour that takes e-mobilists across France: 645 kilometers and more than 115 charging stations are located between the two cities of Bordeaux and Marseille. With the smart #1, only one stop is necessary for this route, even if it is worth planning more breaks, as there are many towns to stop at on the journey from the Médoc Regional Nature Park to the Verdon Nature Park Bordeaux. Past Toulouse and the tranquil Carcassonne, the route leads via Montpellier and Nimes to Marseille, the port city in the south of France. Along the way, the landscape changes constantly and makes the holiday a French painting come alive.



EU_Brabus_Digital_White_Metallic_Side_Left_Lisbon (3)
The all-new smart #1 is an ideal companion for road trips across Europe.




2 | Tech nerd road trip | Germany 

Techies watch out! This itinerary through Germany not only takes you from south to north, from the mountains to the sea, but from one tech highlight to the next with the smart #1.  

Munich: Deutsches Museum, one of the largest science and technology museums in the world. You can spend days here. Otherwise, the mountains are not far away for a short trip. 

Kamener Kreuz: A charging break becomes a sightseeing stop, because here you will find Europe's largest public fast-charging park with 52 charging points. The charging points in the new park are covered and illuminated. A photovoltaic system supplies the site with electricity with a capacity of up to 120 kilowatts and feeds surplus energy into the local grid.  

Bremerhaven: The Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost is a unique world of knowledge and experience on the topics of climate, climate change and weather and a global pioneer of a climate experience world. 

These 900 kilometers journey with the smart #1 not only offers access to more than 1000 charging points, but also a great variety in one and the same country. 

3 | Culture hotspots | Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg 

A trip to Benelux also takes you past many art and cultural sites! These are so close together that thoughts around charging are almost unnecessary with the smart #1: 

Luxembourg: Esch-sur-Alzette in the south of Luxembourg, one of three European Capitals of Culture in 2022, wants to tell the story of a region - from the steel industry to the digital age. 

Belgium: It doesn't always have to be Brussels. The Belgian art cities of Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges await with works of art by Rubens and magnificent cathedrals. 

Netherlands: Futuristic architecture can be explored in Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands.  



smart #1 colorful village
The most beautiful places are quickly reached with the new smart #1.





4 | Mountain enthusiasts: From Zillertal to Basel | Austria and Switzerland 

In summer and winter, the Alps offer unique experiences with views of fantastically beautiful landscapes. At the same time, there are also many small and large towns that invite you to discover them. A trip from the Zillertal to Basel leads past a variety of places and experiences that can be discovered with the smart #1 on a route of 415 km and more than 150 charging points along the way.  

The journey starts from the Zillertal via Innsbruck through the famous skiing area of Sankt Anton am Arlberg before stopping to charge at Lake Constance in Bregenz. The route leads to St. Gallen, where you can recharge your batteries in one of the many charming cafés or restaurants in Winterthur, the largest continuous pedestrian zone in Switzerland. But you can also make a stop in the surrounding countryside in the idyllic Tösstal valley or in Zurich's wine country before you go ahead to Zurich. From there, the journey continues past the beautiful Jura Park Aargau- where for example the Linner Waterfall or the Ambigua Bird Park are great excursion destinations- to Basel. 

5 | Electrifying city trip with sea view | Portugal Before setting off on the well-known journey from Porto to Lisbon, it is worth taking a glimpse at the historic center of Porto - Ribeira. Being the most beautiful and liveliest district in Porto's city center, this UNESCO World Heritage-listed neighbourhood which sits along the Rio Douro waterfront, has all winding medieval streets and easy-to-get-lost-in alleyways. 

On the around 315 kilometers long route from Porto to Lisbon, drivers not only pass the cities of Coimbra and Alhandra but can also enjoy the beautiful landscape in between. Over 180 charging points along the route ensure a wonderful tour with the smart #1. 

6 | From the historic capital Rome to the gateway of the Amalfi Coast | Italy 

After exploring all the highlights of the "eternal city" Rome, you can enjoy the magnificent route along the coast to the gates of the impressive Amalfi Coast with the smart #1. There are more than 50 public charging points along the 265 kilometers which can be combined with short stops in the towns of Capua or Caserta. Arriving in the port city of Salerno which is located southeast of Naples in the Campania region the smart #1 driver can look forward to the old town around the Cathedral of San Matteo, the Giardino della Minerva or the Castello di Arechi. It´s a medieval castle with archaeological museums, nature trails in the park and a breath-taking beautiful view over the city. 

Have a good trip with your smart #1! 




smart #1 Lisbon coast_eurotraining
Enjoy the sunset with the smart #1 at the beautiful coast of Lisbon, Portugal.








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