Experience new ways of traveling with the smart #1


Traveling with the all-electric smart #1 not only changes the journey but also the traveler.

smart aims to connect future customers with sustainable solutions and thus make a positive contribution to society. With the smart #1, you can go on carefree journeys throughout Europe, enjoy the surroundings in a relaxed way and can therefore also be part of the „Slow Travel“ movement.

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Take your time while traveling and enjoy the moment with the smart #1.


Traveling with the all-electric smart #1 not only changes the journey itself, but also the traveler. By being more mindful of resources, even short excursions into nature for hiking or camping lose their pale aftertaste of harming it with their own presence. 

Sarah Lamboj, CEO of smart Austria, knows from her own experience: ’Personally, I believe many people see travel time somehow as a waste of time. I would love to change that mindset by stating that the journey itself is already part of the destination and therefore should be considered as added value to your own well-being. For your next trip, consider planning some extra time to collect memories and impressions along your way. Don’t rush, rather enjoy the moment itself.’

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Sarah Lamboj, CEO of smart Austria, experiencing the new smart #1.


Slow Traveling also means safe traveling in Sarah Lamboj’s opinion.

‘The smart #1 is not only super convenient and turns your whole journey into a comfortable ride, it also pays into a relaxing and most importantly secure driving experience due to several advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).’

It has shown that less stress, fewer parallel impressions, and more relaxation during the journey itself pay positively into the recreation account and increase your safety. Besides the fact that a lower maximum speed is better for the battery of an electric vehicle, it is also better for the own, very personal, battery.

Slow Traveling is good for our own batteries and that of the car:

By driving steadily and by avoiding unnecessarily strong acceleration or driving at full throttle for a long time, the life of an electric vehicle battery can be conserved and thus its – and one’s – life extended.  

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10 steps to a Slow Traveling experience with the new smart #1. 


Slow Traveling encourages not only a relaxed approach to the locals at the destination and finding harmony with the environment, it also is a fundamental pillar of sustainable tourism, combining respect for the environment and growing awareness with a commitment to sustainability.


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