Five Stars for Eco-friendliness: Green NCAP awards Top Mark to smart #3 Pro+

The new smart convinces in European emissions evaluation

  • Green NCAP1 tests new smart #3 Pro+2 in its Green New Car Assessment Program 
  • smart #3 scores the full 10 points in the Clean Air part of the assessment 
  • With a total score of 95% the smart #3 challenges the popular EV brands in the European market

February 22, 2024, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany.  The smart #3 Pro+ has been awarded the highest five-star rating by the European Green NCAP (Green New Car Assessment Program)3, an organization that evaluates new vehicles for environmental performance and energy efficiency. With an impressive overall score of 95%, the smart #3 Pro+ is become a model example of environmental friendliness, energy saving, and carbon reduction in the new energy vehicle sector. This signifies that the #3 is not only a safe car, as it has previously proven with a five-star safety rating by Euro NCAP, but also demonstrates its exceptional sustainability showing.  

Overall, the smart #3 finishes with an average score of 95%, easily collects all 5 Green Stars and challenges the popular EV brands in the European market4 

The Green NCAP jury

We are proud of the five-star rating from the Green NCAP. It’s a strong proof point that our new smart #3 is a compelling choice for individuals and families seeking both comfort and safety, all while minimizing their environmental footprint.

Dirk Adelmann, CEO of smart Europe

Confidence in Range, Advanced Battery, and e-Drive Technology  

The smart #3 Pro+ excelled in its Green NCAP evaluation, notably achieving the maximum score of 10 in the Clean Air Index5. From the laboratory to real-world roads, the smart #3’s air pollutant emissions, under a variety of different conditions, are significantly lower than testing standards, emitting "zero pollution" to the external atmosphere. 

In the Green NCAP energy efficiency tests, the smart #3 Pro+ handled temperature changes, performing very reliable in cold test environments. Its range and energy efficiency metrics scored among the top in its class, providing customers with stable driving comfort. At the same time, by adopting an active grille shutter, aerodynamically designed exterior rearview mirrors, low-drag wheel hubs and hidden door handles, the smart #3 effectively reduces the vehicle’s drag coefficient to 0.27cw.  

The smart #3 Pro+ is equipped with a 66 kWh ternary lithium nickel cobalt manganese battery (NCM) battery that offers a pure electric range of up to 435 kilometers (WLTP). It can be charged from 10% to 80% in as little as 30 minutes and features an adjustable energy regeneration system to address range anxiety, an added safeguard for every journey.  

Moving Forward to a More Sustainable Tomorrow 

Since its launch in 2023, the smart #3 has already earned a Euro NCAP five-star safety rating with the highest score for Safety Assist of all models tested in 2023.6 

The smart #3 is available to order in various European markets, such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium. Further European markets will follow in 2024. More info on smart.com.  

About Green NCAP 

Green NCAP is an independent quantitative assessment conducted under Euro NCAP which evaluates vehicle performance in three areas: air quality index, energy efficiency and emissions impact. Its aim is to promote continuing progress in the automotive industry in the fields of environmental protection, energy conservation, and reduced carbon emissions, and to advocate for consumers to choose products that excel in health, safety, and environmental benefits. 

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