In conversation with Xuan-Zheng Goh, Head of Product Management


In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, effective product management has emerged as a critical driver of success for organizations across industries. The role of a Head of Product Management has become increasingly instrumental in guiding the development, launch, and enhancement of products that meet the ever-changing needs of customers and drive business growth. 

Xuan-Zheng Goh is Head of Product Management at smart Europe. He has almost 15 years of professional experience in the automotive industry. We have asked Xuan-Zheng how smart ensures a maximum level of convenience through connected features, while also ensuring a human-tech balance.  

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4 questions to Xuan-Zheng Goh, Head of Product Management

He is an expert in connectivity matters and makes sure there is a human-tech balance within the new generation of smart vehicles



1. With its products, smart wants to be a solution to people that are looking for mobility solutions that really fit their individual needs and lifestyle. How does connectivity link to this development?  


The connected car experience offers a wide and rich feature set, which allows customers to tailor their preferences including design, navigation, and on onboard infotainment.  

For example, the smart #1 helps you with finding EV charging stations whilst you are on the road. This is a very important aspect of individual mobility. There are several features on the Hello smart app which will additionally help you when you are on the move: You can for example set your state of charge when you're charging your car. Another feature is the pre-conditioning of the vehicle cabin to your preferred temperature before your journey. 



2. The future vision for mobility sounds relatively simple, it is incredibly complex though: the entire infrastructure around every means of transportation will eventually be “connected”. What impact does that have on the future? 


You’re right. It sounds relatively simple, but it is a very complex topic, and the car is just one means of transportation serving a broader network of traffic. That means, we will someday have connected cars, connected taxis, connected lorries, connected traffic lights and so on. Achieving this future vision is extremely complicated because it not only requires all the different automotive OEMs to work together but also calls for the setup of a totally new way of looking at and handling infrastructure.  



3. Today’s connected cars like the smart #1 include digital cockpits with many features and on-demand services. But how exactly can these features enable humans to connect with each other? 


There are different ways in which connected cars enable humans to connect with each other. First of all, the navigation screen within the digital cockpit will safely guide you to all your rendezvous with your friends and your family. This is the most obvious way of connecting people. 

There is also a more philosophical approach to the meaning of connectivity, which is underlined by the integrated Spotify app. We all know that music is a very emotional medium, and when you hear someone sing a song about something, you can feel a deep connection to this artist, or it can evoke strong memories you share with people in your life. The vehicle also comes with a Beats sound system which helps you experience the music in a premium quality. 

Another way to connect yourself with other people is through a fun and fair competition. The entertainment system integrated in the smart #1 includes different games, so you could challenge other passengers while you're charging the vehicle.  



4. It is said that the new smart #1 UX design puts the driver at the centre of every technological innovation. Obviously, the technical features make this car so special. How does smart ensure a human-tech balance within the products? 


We have considered the fundamental aspect of a balanced human-tech dialogue in every process of developing our new generation of highly connected, all-electric premium SUVs. Our features and personalized driving options are intuitive and put the user at the centre of every technological innovation. 

Thank you, Xuan! for the insightful conversation and sharing your views on how smart is shaping its products with customer focus.


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