smart Introduces New Functions in Latest Free Over-The-Air Update

Optimized driving experience for smart customers

  • Over-the-air (OTA) update 1.3.2 improves several functions, such as battery temperature pre-conditioning 
  • smart’s OTA updates are free of charge for all customers1 
  • smart focuses on customers’ feedback and is constantly working to improve the customer experience 

February 28, 2023, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany.  smart is rolling out in February an extensive package of new features in a comprehensive and free over-the-air (OTA) update. With OTA 1.3.2, functions such as battery temperature pre-conditioning and car wash mode will be made available and optimized for all existing customers. 

At smart, we're dedicated to ensuring every journey is an enjoyable experience, prioritizing what truly matters to our customers. We continuously listen to our customer’s feedback and try to improve the user experience with each iteration step. At the core of our technology will always be a commitment to driving meaningful change and using technology in intelligent and responsible ways

Dirk Adelmann, CEO of smart Europe GmbH

Technology that Serves a Purpose 

smart is dedicated to state-of-the-art engineering that is balanced with customer needs. That is why OTA update optimizations are always required to contribute to a more efficient, reliable, and enjoyable mobility experience. Since launching the new product generation, smart has already delivered four OTA updates that have constantly pushed forward the convenience of driving a smart. One recent update, for example, activated steering wheel heating, making driving on cold winter days more comfortable.  

The customer is at the centre of everything smart does, and that includes product development and technology deployment. Our technical architecture allows us to respond quickly to customer needs and to personalize the ownership experience with our ever-evolving features

New Features for an Even Better Ride 

smart offers a range of new functions and optimizations in the new OTA update 1.3.2., including these features: 

  1. Battery temperature pre-conditioning: This function ensures a fast charging speed of the battery in all smart #1s and #3s.  
  1. Car wash mode: drivers can now choose between "hand wash mode" and "automatic car wash mode" via the drop-down menu, making the car wash experience even more relaxed.  
  1. Valet Mode: certain restrictions can now be applied for vehicle functions and the vehicle owner. Shared user information can be protected on the central display when the vehicle is being used by others.  
  1. Emergency lane keeping assist: from now on this function can be manually activated, allowing drivers to have more control over their vehicle.  
  1. Easy entry: this function has also been optimized. As of now, the driver’s seat returns to the driving position when the driver closes the door. This enhances the convenience and comfort of entering or exiting the vehicle. 

A new tutorial on how to install the OTA 1.3.2. update is now available on YouTube

Further information on the update and much more can be found at: smart.com