Exclusive Talk with Dirk Adelmann, CEO smart Europe: The role of smart in the future of mobility

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smart has always stood for small space wonders. Where did the change of heart come from now to build big cars and why is smart the right brand for this? 

Dirk: smart has always been a pioneer in urban mobility, and with the launch of our first smart, we were breaking new ground at that time. The same applies now to our new smart #1. So, we are not talking of a change of heart but keeping the spirit of conventional concepts and ideas that solve problems with solutions before they become mainstream. With the new generation of smart vehicles, we excite those looking for sustainable electric mobility with a leading body-to-space index.  

The space for cars in city centers is getting smaller and smaller and you are launching an SUV. Why, and why right now? 

Dirk: I see that this may seem controversial but indeed it’s the opposite. We see that the car is steadily displaced from the city centers and welcome this movement, even as a car manufacturer. We at smart see ourselves as future-optimistic and progressive pioneers for shaping and creating a better and more sustainable future. That means we only engage in purposeful technology that has an enriching impact on people’s lives. That's why we have developed a car that meets the needs of the future while allowing efficient use of space and maintaining a small footprint. We focused on pure electric built and comprehensive connectivity solutions to enable the urban lifestyle of tomorrow.  

What does mobility of the future look like to you? Do cars, especially big cars, still, play a role at all? 

Dirk: Mobility is in a permanent process of change that has accelerated in recent years. Electromobility as well as breaking new ground in developing cars perfectly fitting this evolution are only some steps we have identified and implemented to enable us and our customers to not just adapt to this change but to create their own tomorrow.  

We at smart see the rising importance for customers to have mobility solutions fitting their lifestyle and individual needs. We will support this transition with our products, cars, and solutions to advance into this more sustainable future. re.  

That said, this one car, this one mobility solution, does not exist and probably never will. Different mobility needs require different types of vehicles, bigger or smaller, and we at smart are a part of this ongoing transition and compose our cars to perfectly fit their designated purpose. 

Dirk, you’ve been a part of the automotive industry for more than 20 years and saw changes come and go. What motivates you every morning? What is it that drives you? 

Dirk: If you are part of such a capturing environment for such a long time, you need to be connected to what the company, the brand, is all about. And so, my motivation and personal drive are strongly connected to our brand vision: to co-create a smarter future, to break new ways and to market sustainable innovations. Being able to lay new foundation stones and being involved in informing the future of mobility is a powerful motive that enables me to push forward every single day. 





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